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Digital Marketing Strategy

We help you build your digital marketing strategy from the ground up. This includes everything from Market Research, Competition Analysis, Risk Analysis, and project-based custom internet marketing strategy to make sure you invest in the most effective marketing methods and channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Massively improve your customer acquisition by getting ranked in major Google Search results of your industry. This is accomplished using on-site optimization, skyscraper content creation, complete content marketing strategy, and innovative link-building methods.

Social Media Marketing

Improve your brand visibility, brand awareness and build a loyal community of fans for your brand by leveraging social media networks. We get your business displayed in front of thousands of targeted prospects by campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Reputation Management

The Internet never forgets. Enter 2019 and now your online reputation matters more than ever. It is vital to take care of your brand reputation. We optimize good and positive feedback for your business and assist you in improving your brand trust to grow your business more efficiently.

Conversion Optimization

We help you get more leads, calls, and sales from the same amount of traffic by improving your conversion flow. We achieve this by optimizing the look and feel of your landing pages to let your visitors get an optimal experience.

Paid Advertising

People are interested in your product or service even if they don’t know you yet. Get highly relevant traffic by targeting people by their interests, demographics, location, age, job titles, educations, and more. Get a traffic flow to your website while still improving your website’s organic reach. Get conversions from day one.


This is a highly successful way to show ads to people who visited your website but did not convert. Build trust with your audience through repeated exposure of your brand. Get people to come back to your site and enjoy massive conversions via paid advertising and email marketing campaigns.

Website Design

Don’t just get any website design. Get a highly-optimized, growth-focused website designed to make your visitors fall in love with it. Attract new visitors and improve your sales. We design a very unique experience for your visitors by giving your website a brand-new look and functionality.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the most effective marketing method. Create a personable and attractive brand by telling your audience your story. We design a winning content strategy that scales your brand’s trust. Produce content your audience loves and cares about. Get leads and position your brand in front of your audience.

Organic Traffic

The average increase in Organic Traffic Month-Over-Month

AD Equivalency Estimate

Based just on ad equivalency, the yearly ROI on our average campaign is 489%. That is $58,680 returned on every $12,000 invested with our company.

Conversion On Outreach

With 23% conversion on outreach campaigns, we are able to secure you very high-quality mentions for your brand. We have gotten our clients featured on top news sites like CNN, Forbes, USA Today and other digital magazines.

Case Studies

Check out these case studies to see how we have helped our clients using various marketing strategies.

Organic Marketing

See how we helped a global eCom client build a multi-million dollar sales funnel with organic marketing methods.

Facebook Retargeting

Learn how we promoted a large Eurodisney campaign package and maximized online sales with FB ads.

Google AdWords Seller Ratings

See how we increased online bookings for Travel Agency using Google AdWords.

Re-marketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs)

How we increased profitable traffic from high-volume “generic” search terms with Re-marketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs).

If you wish to make an apple

pie from scratch, you must first

invent the universe.

We have worked on a lot of unique marketing strategies over our years in the industry and we would love to provide you the right guidance for your digital marketing journey. Stop worrying about building industry contacts and let us connect your brand with major media outlets and blogs to get you featured. AdCortex gets you massive value in terms of sheer growth and expertise sharing with you. We get your brand out there – full steam.

At AdCortex, we take a lot of pride in our approach to account management. Our philosophy is simple and yet very powerful. We take care of you and set your brand up for success. With swift communication and quick action, your project manager’s earnings are directly tied to your own growth. This makes sure that you get the best assistance and quick implementation of marketing strategies.

Your Marketing Partner

At AdCortex, we have had years of experience with major networks like Google and Facebook.

We have expertise in ad-copy writing and budget management and we make sure that your campaign is getting only the absolute best ROI.

We have recognition from the largest advertising networks. This allows us to provide you with the best support, tools, and resources to create a successful advertising campaign regardless of your budget.




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