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Paid Advertising (PPC Management)

The Quickest Way To Attract Relevant Audience And Kick-Start Sales

Paid Advertising (PPC Management)

The Quickest Way To Attract Relevant Audience And Kick-Start Sales

“Paid Advertising Can Work Wonders If You Are Just Getting Started Online

Leverage one of the most distinguished advertising possibilities for your business. With in-house PPC Experts, AdCortex creates Campaigns that get you results from Day 1.

AdCortex Specializes In

Complete PPC

  • — Google AdWords

  • — Keyword Research

  • — Search Advertising

  • — Facebook Advertising

  • — Instagram Advertising

  • — Writing Ad Copies

  • — Ad Cost Optimization

Get an impeccable ROI with Paid search and social media advertising

Paid advertising is when you pay for advertising your business. With paid advertising, you pay an advertising network like the omnipresent Google or popular Facebook to display your ads to their users. There are many types of paid ads, such as pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-view (PPV) videos, pay-per-impression, and display ads.

Paid advertising helps you instantly reach users searching for services related to your business. You get instant results, unlike SEO which takes some time. You can even run language-specific campaigns, target geographic locations, and each device separately. If managed well, it’s a value-for-money proposition. There are no minimum investments required. You can also retarget visitors who visited your website but did not take action.

Get Found

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is very popular because it brings immediate results to all kinds of businesses. You place your ad on search engine results through the Google AdWords network. You can bid for keywords like “New York restaurants” and get visible on top of search results whenever someone is searching. This might seem easy but is really complicated, starting from a silent auction where competitors bid for keywords that are relevant to your business. This, combined with the Google quality score determines your positioning in search listings. This means you could be paying more than your competitors and yet show up below them. This quality score depends on your click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of your ad copy, that of your landing page, and several other factors.

Get Social

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is when you show ads on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter. The success of your social media campaign depends on your ability to find the correct target audience. At AdCortex, we approach social media marketing by first developing an audience profile. We use in-house profiling tools and algorithms to set up highly focused campaigns that your target user will love to engage with. We run multiple split-tests and identify the most optimum ad-set for you. This helps us pinpoint who your ideal customer is and what they like. This analytical method helps us create highly accurate campaigns that get you a high ROI.

Your Marketing Partner

At AdCortex, we have had years of experience with major networks like Google and Facebook.

We have expertise in ad-copy writing and budget management and we make sure that your campaign is getting only the absolute best ROI.

We have recognition from the largest advertising networks. This allows us to provide you with the best support, tools, and resources to create a successful advertising campaign regardless of your budget.


Your Wait Is Costing Your Business

Not marketing to save money is like stopping a clock to save time. Doesn’t work!

AdCortex offers Integrated Digital Marketing services to startups and businesses. As fans of the scientific method, we at AdCortex combine science with all our digital marketing activities. Our formula is a method for designing and optimizing high-performance marketing campaigns. Get in touch to power up your digital presence starting today!

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