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Re-marketing Lists For Search Ads (RSLAs)

Re-marketing Lists
For Search Ads (RSLAs)

“Increase Profitable Traffic With High-Volume “Generic” Search Terms

Re-Marketing allows you to build your influence. Bid on broad search terms without spending a fortune.

Objective: To improve brand presence For high-volume premium keywords

Theory: The “generic keyword conundrum” is so big that it is even considered a novice marketer’s biggest pitfall. Generic keywords are “high-volume” keywords that have a very large search volume but a low conversion rate. This is because the buyer intent is that of research, and not of purchase. There can be plenty of volume for a keyword like “sunscreen”, but the cost to convert people just looking for the keyword “sunscreen” is too high to be worthwhile. For this reason, ROI focused digital marketers do not target high- volume and relevant looking keywords.

Approach: We used Google’s Re-Marketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLAs) to record all the website traffic and only target a generic keyword when the person had previously visited the Brown Thomas website’s cosmetics page. We theorized that if the person who searched for “sunscreen” had recently visited the client’s website, they had already shown purchase intent and was more likely to convert than any other person searching for the generic keyword.


Using RSLAs for generic keywords got a 15x increase in conversion rate and a 96% cost reduction per conversion. This method unlocked an entire new realm of highly profitable generic keyword traffic for the client.

Results in Numbers

Improvement In Conversion Rate

Reduction In Cost Per Conversion

Growth In Revenue

We Build On Success

$200K Profit Generated in 2016-17 with RSLA

The cost per conversion on RSLAs was so great that we wanted to make sure to target any website visitor who conducts a relevant search on Google - to make sure they see the ad for Brown Thomas. We used another advanced targeting method provided by Google called Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). DSAs are campaigns without any keywords, where Google crawls your entire website and ensures that if anyone searches something relevant to your website, they are shown your ad. We combined RSLAs with Dynamic Search Ads to further grow the CPA and improve conversions. This was a particularly amazing innovation and when we told Google about this, they weren't aware we could combine these two methods this way.

Growth In Revenues


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