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About Us

“Sometimes people think culture means pool tables and Segways running around the office.

Although we do keep a bottle of Macallan on top of our fridge, we believe culture is something very different.

Our Science of Digital Marketing

The revolution brought by the internet is one of the data. Of big data. History will call this time period the epicenter of this revolution, and everybody knows we got here through one thing only – science. The people behind major search engines and social media networks that we use every day are scientists. Similarly, the people who effectively leverage, manipulate and analyze the major online tools perform the best. As fans of the scientific method, we at AdCortex combine science with all our digital marketing activities.

Our formula is a method for designing and optimizing high-performance marketing campaigns.

Continuous Learning

The digital marketing world is very fast-paced and needs constant updating of strategies. In the last 3 months, Google has brought out 26 new AdWords innovations. That is literally 2 every week! There is always an advantage to going to market with a new strategy as soon as it comes in.

However, this advantage faces the law of diminishing returns as the rest of the market catches up with the changes and innovations get common. We are proud to keep our clients at least 6-12 months ahead of your competition in the field of innovations. This means a constant skill upgrade and continuous learning.

We have a culture focused mainly on learning. Each member of our team has to spend 10 hours every month on upskilling activities. This ranges from taking latest courses, workshops and prizing moments of digital marketing brilliance.

This commitment does not stop with us. An important part of our relationship with our clients is educating. In an industry that faces serious information overdose, we do the hard part, digest the latest happenings in the online world and distill them into information that you crucially need to know. We communicate with our clients and everyone else through our blog, monthly newsletter and other client events. Do not look any further to keep your digital knowledge cutting-edge.


The advertising industry is strange, as there might be thousands of marketing agencies globally, but the biggest percentage of ad-spend goes to the “big 5” holding companies in the advertising world. If you wish to build a business for the purpose of selling it, the advertising industry is a great place.

As a strictly independent agency, we pride ourselves in not being owned or controlled with any other large agency or holding company. We believe that we are far stronger as a digital marketing agency because we are independent.

But why?

Apart from being more fun, being an indie agency means we can be highly nimble in innovations, we can curate our own culture and are fully run by digital marketers. Being independent means you can trust we are here because of our merit and only real results that we bring for our clients.

We have shooed many acquisition attempts over the years and we are fully resolved to being a great digital marketing agency while remaining independent for the years to come.

Musings about AdCortex

We have had numerous industry partnerships and here are some of our favorite recommendations.

  • Rose Butler

    Law Firm Owner
    “AdCortex started out with managing our SEO efforts, but their unique approach to marketing gave us the confidence to hand over our other digital channels to them, including paid advertising, paid social and YouTube.”
  • Abbas Johnson

    iClothes Ireland

    “The team at AdCortex has delivered way over our expectations. Even though we have our own in-house marketing team, we have gained tremendously by being in collaboration with these guys. Their specialist knowledge has gotten us results we never used to achieve otherwise. To top it off, I am delighted to say that their work has been literally award- winning for us.”

  • Ramakrishnan

    Medicos Inc.

    “They have been an amazing partner not only in allowing us to define and optimize our search engine strategy but also in responding to unforeseen challenges and using new opportunities. Their awesome reporting methods keep us up-to-date on everything they are doing and we can make faster decisions.”

  • Sean McCarty

    Salient Corp

    “I have been really impressed with AdCortex’s methods and their take on marketing. They have provided us excellent opinions and ideas on executing some really successful advertising campaigns. I now know that they have a stellar knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and email marketing – I have been taking their help on these channels. I am sure they are great in everything else too.”

Did we get your attention yet?

AdCortex offers Integrated Digital Marketing services to startups and businesses. As fans of the scientific method, we at AdCortex combine science with all our digital marketing activities. Our formula is a method for designing and optimizing high-performance marketing campaigns. Get in touch to power up your digital presence starting today!

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