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Bring Your Business Where Your Customers Are

Use Social Media
To Build Trust With Buyers

Your customers are on social media every day.

You must be present and active on social media platforms to keep your clients and potential clients engaged.

AdCortex Specializes In

Fully Integrated

Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Social Trust Is The #1 Factor

People Buy From A Business

Social Media can get you a lot of relevant traffic. People are using their favorite social media platform every day for multiple hours. If you are not presently doing or outsourcing your social media management, you will either eventually have to do it or lose out in the long term. For a good social media strategy, your content has to be so good that people want to tell their friends about it.

At AdCortex, we offer professional social media marketing services that can help you put an amazing impression on your customers and prospects and keep bringing them back to you. Get more leads, inquiries, sales and massive growth in brand trust. Add social media marketing to your digital marketing plan today.

Well Researched Steps

Integrated Social Strategy


Setting Business Goals For Your Social Strategy

We do not recommend you to experiment without a clear social media strategy in place.

Developing Social Media Plan

We help you deploy an optimum social media strategy focused on the most effective platforms for your business. We also integrate your social media marketing with email marketing and other channels.

Reputation Management

Everyone recommends you to keep focusing on social feedback. We prefer to actively listen to your audience. We particularly focus on social feedback while developing your social media strategy.

Content and Communication Strategy

Encouraging participation and good engagement on your content is difficult, and we create a proper strategy to tackle this. Continuous communication is important to engage your audience. We define the type and frequency of content for you to best suit your needs.

The Best Practices Approach

Each social media platform has its own user needs and behavior. You need to follow etiquettes so you don't look like a spammer.

Social Media Optimization

A strong social media presence is just the start. The key is to make social media keep delivering value to your business in the long run.

Your Marketing Partner

At AdCortex, we have had years of experience with major networks like Google and Facebook.

We have expertise in ad-copy writing and budget management and we make sure that your campaign is getting only the absolute best ROI.

We have recognition from the largest advertising networks. This allows us to provide you with the best support, tools, and resources to create a successful advertising campaign regardless of your budget.



Your Wait Is Costing Your Business

Not marketing to save money is like stopping a clock to save time. Doesn’t work!