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Facebook Ads
Retargeting And Lookalikes

Facebook Ads
Retargeting And Lookalikes

“Improve Your Conversions With Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns bring your website visit back. Get another shot at converting visits. Skyrocket your sales.

Objective: To support a major Eurodisney campaign
To maximize online sales of travel packages

Theory: According to research published by Google based on large scale consumer analysis, customers in the travel niche take 24 days to convert and make as many as 22 visits to your website during this time. This is because travel packages can be expensive and people try to make their decision thoughtfully, after exploring all their options for travel and stay.

70% of your audience uses search at some point in their research journey. Search terms include both branded keywords and generic terms. Online marketing allows you to tap into this user behavior and maximize conversions by providing information when the user needs it, following your user on social media, and other online channels. You can reinforce your brand with repeated exposure with the audience.

Analysis: The path to purchase for travel packages is lengthy and requires a lot of deliberation from the audience. We hypothesized that retargeting would be an effective way to stay connected with potential holiday-goers during the time they are performing their crucial pre-holiday research. The more time we knew exactly what the audience wanted and brought them back to our travels website, the more likely they were to go with us for their trip. We captured the whole spectrum of TV, radio and press campaign audience that was directed to the Eurodisney campaign page and created the perfect retargeting audience. By creating content pieces that solve most of the questions people have about Eurodisney packages, we were able to convert a huge percentage of people within the 4-week retarget period after their first visit.


During the month of promotions, Facebook quickly became the biggest source of traffic for the website and the particular month was the most successful month in the history of this website. Interestingly, people began to use the comments section of the Facebook ads to ask for their queries. The more people inquired, the more exposure the ad got among their own friends’ news-feeds. This led to a frenzy as people were able to see bookings sell in real-time and got a sense of urgency. You might know about viral traffic, but this was viral conversions in action.

Results in Numbers

We Build On Success

$750K Revenue Generated

From the start of the campaign, the metrics of the campaign were stellar (the Click Through Ratio and Conversion Rates). But the volume of traffic was not huge, because we were communicating with the small audience who had already visited the website rather than targeting the market at large. To increase the reach of the campaign, we also set up ads for Facebook lookalike audiences. With this intelligent method, Facebook looks for demographics and interests that closely match your existing audience with the rest of Facebook, and expands your audience base multiple times. Our audience base was multiplied by 30 times and we succeeded in sending a huge volume of targeted traffic to the client's website.

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