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E-commerce: How To Optimize Your Product Pages?

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Selling on the internet involves ant work that never ends. Once you have chosen the platform for your online store, you have customized your theme and created your categories. It’s time to integrate your product pages and optimize them.

This is a key step for the success of your shop. Your product pages are essential to make you want to buy and convert your prospects into customers.

The Essentials To Present The Product

The first step is to present your product in a clear way for both your customers and the search engines. For this, make the most of the essential elements of a product page:

  • The title  :
    • We must be careful to always have an optimized title for SEO and that it is clear for the visitor.
  • The images  :
    • The photos must be homogeneous with each other. Try to have the same background for each product, or that the atmosphere is consistent.
    • Remember to publish several pictures of the same product in different situations and in different points of view.
    • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never seen the product. Show the texture, size and colors closest to the real.
  • The descriptions  :
    • In general, you must write two descriptions: a short that can be taken by Google to display in the search results and a longer text to better describe the product. Even if this step may seem tiring and tedious, do not neglect it! On one side the search engines like the content, and on the other side, your potential customer wants to have all the information about the product. You can describe its shape, its material, give ideas for its use, talk about its manufacture…
  • The technical sheet  :
    • In some cases, data sheets, or maintenance tips, or use may complete your product sheet.
  • The price  :
    • Do not forget to display the price including VAT if you sell to private individuals, in a clear and visible way.

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Reassure Your Customers

The above information is essential for presenting your products. Your page can be supplemented by various elements that will reassure visitors before moving on to the purchase.

Although these elements can be displayed in other pages, their presence on the product page can be a trigger of trust and convince the user to add the product in his basket. Among these elements of trust we can find:

  • Declinations: show the different sizes or colors of your product. Be careful not to propose more than three.
  • The stock available: inform your customers about the availability of the product, it is nothing more frustrating than receiving an email to indicate that the item purchased is out of stock.
  • The opinions: give the floor to your customers, good advice will reassure future buyers.
  • Fees and delivery time: avoid a cart abandonment at the end of the conversion tunnel, be clear from the beginning.
  • Means of payment: demonstrate that you offer a secure payment.

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Call To Action

Do not leave the user blocked on a product sheet, give him ideas to continue to discover other products:

  • Similar products: at the end of your product page you can submit products of the same category that might interest him.
  • Complementary products: a t-shirt that goes well with the proposed jeans, wax to clean the pair of shoes proposed…

As you can see, the creation of a product page needs to be thought through and worked on. The biggest challenge is to multiply this work by the number of different items you have.

But it is essential to have clear and attractive product sheets, a little for search engines but mainly for converting your visitors into customers.

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