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How To Position Your Website In The 1st Google Results

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Google is an indispensable tool to make itself known today. It is the number 1 search engine with 100 billion requests per month in the world. Nothing can be done, it’s the best.

But Google is mostly a robot. A stupid animal and nice because it allows us to free to position his website on its first page. An old digital adage says: “If you want to hide a body, put it on the second page of Google”.

There are over 200 SEO criteria to position its site. By respecting only a dozen criteria, you have the opportunity to overcome the competition and position yourself in the first results. Be methodical and patient. Moreover, by paying Google or Bing, we can also find ourselves in the first results. We tell you more below.

Opt For Natural Referencing

One thing is certain: Google positions web pages. No websites. It is therefore essential to work methodically and accurately every page of your site. Depending on the query (keyword) that the user will write, Google will search, with its powerful engine, all pages that refer to this key-phrase. We will give you some tools for Google to hear you and position your page on the front page.

Create a professional blog on your site

A website is good, it’s pretty. But it is absolutely necessary to make it live. And the blog is a great tool to make your website live.

Add a tab in the menu of your site and write your first article. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, share your knowledge and experience and start writing your blog post.

Be Regular! It is best to write an article a month for twelve months rather than 6 articles a month for 2 months. The search engine will prefer regularity because your website will be built in the long term.

Share your articles on social networks

Take the opportunity to share your articles on social networks. Social media is increasingly being taken into account by search engines: engagement (likes, shares, and comments) prove that your article is of interest to many users and your article will be rewarded.

Think mobile for Google and Bing

Today, art mobile searches are superior to computer searches. The search engines have understood this and today value websites with mobile navigation adapted. 

Test your site today by opening it on your smartphone: if readability is good, navigation is fluid, access to the simple topic, everything is fine. Otherwise, it is essential to rework your website so that it is “mobile friendly”.

And, the loading time of pages is a paramount parameter. There are tools to check the speed of your site (Tools Pingdom for example). If the page loading time is slow, you need to make quick arrangements to improve it.

Opt For Paid Referencing

This is another way to position your services or your offers in the first results of Google. It will take less time than SEO. On the other hand, you will naturally need a budget.

By precisely defining your objectives, you will be able to control your budget and your results. Do not throw yourself too fast in each tool at the risk of spending a lot of money without result. Take the time to study each tool to optimize your campaign.

Pay ads from Google

This is the fastest and most effective way to appear immediately in Google’s first search results. You define the most relevant keywords, obviously related to your activity. After setting the maximum bid you are willing to pay, your ad will appear in first, second, third … position. It all depends on the auction of your competitors on the defined keyword.

To control your budget, take out your calculator and calculate your cost according to your investment. For example, if you pay a keyword € 1 per click. Arriving on your landing page, only 1 visitor out of 4 leaves his contact, 4 € the lead. And, after calling your contacts, 1 out of 3 contacts buys your solution, that is 12 € the customer. Do this calculation for your business and master your budget. It’s essential to succeed in your digital marketing.

Look after your ads, landing pages and especially the choice of keywords. Be consistent on the entire digital path of your visitor.

Paid ads from Bing

Google is a leader with 94% market share, but nothing prevents you to test Bing Ads. Bing is the search engine of Microsoft and is the 2nd most used search engine in France.

The costs are often lower and the contacts you can generate are just as interesting. Also, the platform for creating paid ads Bing is very close to that of Google. So you will not have a hard time switching from one to the other.

The vast majority of Internet users use search engines to find answers to their questions. If you want to know your products or services, SEO or pay is a great way. If you have time, write articles on specific keywords. If you have a budget in communication or marketing, use the Google or Bing ads tools to meet the needs of users. It’s never too late to get started. So go ahead now.

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