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Tips To Optimize The Loading Speed Of A Web

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To achieve an optimal SEO strategy, a series of determining factors must be taken into account. Where to optimize the loading speed of a website is essential to be among the first places in the results. Keep in mind that an average user does not wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load completely. So, the faster you show the complete elements of your website, the better results you will have. In this post, we will show you useful tips that will help you in this process.

Main factors that affect the loading speed

optimize the loading speed of a web


Before launching to the optimization of the elements of your web page, it is essential that you identify which aspects are the ones that tend to overload a site. In this way, you will be able to know which sections require your attention:


The server where you have hosted your website significantly affects how quickly the items will load. A server with less power is less efficient at the time of reading the database. Therefore, it slows down the connection.


When optimizing the loading speed of a website, you will also have to deal with the plugins. While these elements often streamline many procedures on a page, they usually cover a wide variety of features that only slow down the loading speed.


Files hosted in the device’s cache allow quick access to the page, in addition to offering a more personalized experience. However, as more items are stored, if the server has lower power, then the web load will slow down more after each user visit.

Files on the web

Loading elements without previously optimizing them also influence loading speed, slowing down the complete loading of all sections of the web.

Keys to optimize the loading speed of a web

Taking into account the above, the following changes apply:

Improve server quality

As we mentioned earlier, the server plays a fundamental role in optimizing the loading speed of a website. Free or shared hosting has very little power to load a large number of elements. Therefore, it is essential that you migrate to a good server so that it can process the data as quickly as possible.

Optimize images

You can have a wide variety of attractive images, but if you do not optimize them before uploading them to the web, they can hardly be appreciated by your users. In fact, it is most likely that they leave the site before the images load in full. Therefore, you must optimize and compress the images that will be displayed.

Clean unnecessary plugins

Although plugins are very practical function packages, it is also important to clean those that are not useful in order to optimize the loading speed of a website. In this case, the most ideal thing is to check one by one how functional the plugins are that you have installed on your page. Those who are not really using or contributing functions to your site, deactivate them and eliminate them.

Use a lightweight template

During the design of a website, you can find a very attractive template, loaded with elements that elevate the visual presence of your site. However, this type of templates could slow down your page. So, the best thing is to put aside those ornate designs. While they could bring aesthetics to your website, it is better to keep an elegant, professional and minimalist template, but one that loads much faster. In this way, you offer a better user experience.

Improve code and avoid saturation

Excess code alters the loading speed of your website. Keep in mind that after every occasion that you introduce an element to your website, CSS, HTML and non-optimized JavaScript will be added. In turn, layers and layers of unnecessary code are produced. Therefore, avoid code saturation and do not sacrifice the loading speed of your site.


optimize the loading speed of a web


For only a second of more than later in loading your site, you can lose traffic and conversions. So lean on tools like PageSpeed InsightsGTMetrix, and Pingdom to analyze the site load time. Then, take into account these tips to optimize the loading speed of your website.

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