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3 Formats For Advertising On Social Networks

Social media plays a key role in the communication of a company, so it is not surprising that these 3 formats have emerged for social media advertising, to help brands show their product more visually and reach a wider audience. We review some of the most innovative advertising formats.

3 formats for advertising on social networks

Facebook Collection

Mark Zuckerberg’s company recently launched a new mobile advertising format called the Facebook Collection. Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate and also the way in which brands promote their products or services. More and more products that we acquire through the Smartphone. A study by IAB Spain reveals that 41% of individuals residing in Spain have purchased through the Smartphone.

This, together with the fact that we live in a visual era, has meant that companies such as Facebook are dedicated to launching exclusive formats for mobile devices. Its operation is very simple. In the Collection ads, a video or main image appears, followed by some images of the products offered by the brand. When clicking on the ad, up to 50 different products will be displayed. You have the possibility to click on each of them and get more details about it, and you can even make the purchase.

Its main advantage is that the load times are reduced in relation to the purchase in web pages, generating a better shopping experience for the user.

YouTube Bumper Ads

YouTube Bumper Ads is another example of the Smartphone has become an essential part of our lives. This new advertising format is based on Snackable Content. Snackable Content consists of offering small content capsules to capture the user’s attention. This although you do not believe it, it is really very useful since according to several studies, the average attention that an adult is of only 2.8 seconds.

The time is gold! Given the immense amount of information, brevity is a point in favor. YouTube seemed to be quite clear and launched an ephemeral format last year of only 6 seconds. Previously, YouTube’s advertising videos lasted between 15 seconds and 1 minute depending on the chosen format. With the arrival of the Bumper Ads, the time is considerably reduced.

This new advertising format can appear at the beginning, during, or at the end of the video. The Bumper Ads, are focused on launching very direct and simple messages to remember. Of course, there is a detail that so far did not happen in most YouTube formats: Bumper Ads cannot be skipped.

Twitter Conversational Ads

Interactivity is one of the possibilities offered by new social media. In the current era, the user is not only satisfied with purchasing a product but also wants to be able to contact the brand and have their voice heard and Twitter has given them that possibility.

Last summer, he launched a new advertising format based on interaction with the user, Conversational Ads. This format has been seen in Spain recently during the broadcast of several series on the national scene. Twitter Conversational Ads consists of offering exclusive content. The brand publishes a tweet that allows you to know something that otherwise would not be possible for you. But this content has a particularity: it is blocked. Do you want to know what is hidden behind the tweet? Tweet with the hashtag to unlock it.

This format has been widely used mainly by television networks, which have taken advantage to offer exclusive advances and additional content. After reviewing these three formats for advertising on social networks, there seems to be a tendency to offer formats oriented almost exclusively to the mobile. Maybe next time the list will continue to expand, while we will continue to learn everything about these 3.

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