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Digital Marketing For 2019: What Trends Will We See?

There is no doubt that the digital marketing boom continues in constant and rapid growth. However, with new technological tools being born every day, marketing techniques have also evolved. A company that knows how to stay ahead of the update curve, will be able to continue standing up to such competition. So, what trends does online marketing provide for next 2019? In this note, we mention them to you.

Digital marketing trends for 2019


digital marketing


Let’s review the most relevant ones:


New dimensions in programmatic advertising

Considering the forecasts of the Programmatic Marketing Forecasts, shared by Zenith, approximately 67% of the global display advertising will be distributed programmatically in the year 2019. A figure that represents an increase, because in 2017 this figure was located in 59%.

Added to this, we will also see that the video will be achieved by programmatic advertising. Well, according to Forbes, more than 80% of all the advertising video of 2019, will be programmatic. So for the next year, we will see new dimensions of digital marketing around Programmatic Advertising. Thanks to the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in the automation of the purchase of advertisements.

Recall that programmatic advertising is an automatic procedure that allows linking a brand with its most appropriate users. Right at the right time and place (channel) to show ads for products and/or services that suit your needs.


Voice search and voice marketing

Have you heard about virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Now? By 2019, voice searches will take on greater relevance in digital marketing strategies. In fact, marketing studies estimate that 50% of all searches in browsers (on mobile devices or computers) will be by voice by 2020.

And it is that doing a virtual consultation through the voice tools is much faster. Therefore, major brands have decided to start incorporating this technology into their digital strategies. A well-known example is Domino’s Pizza, which uses voice searches as a channel to increase sales. Allowing customers to order pizzas using Alexa.

So if we want to appear among the first results thrown by a virtual assistant, voice searches should have a special value in our SEO strategy. In this way, CTR (Click-Through Rate) levels can be greatly benefited.


Influencer marketing

Without a doubt, the success that influencers are having is essential for the growth of brands. Precisely for this reason, by 2019 digital marketing strategies will further strengthen the need to collaborate with key influencers for a brand.

In relation to this, according to Nielsel, approximately 92% of consumers feel more confident about the content created by another (recognized) user than in conventional advertising. So in the next year will continue its growth.


Fast content

The brief contents continue to triumph in digital strategies. But not just any content, but the most attractive and fastest will be the one that will hook the user more easily. By 2019, we will see further growth of this topic. Above all, with the incorporation of new functions that will allow the user to increase their interaction.

The benefits for the brands when incorporating the contents of instant consumption in their digital marketing strategy, is that it favors their rate of CTR (Click-Through Rate). And of course, the presence of the brand is strengthened.


Context Marketing

It is considered as the next step in content marketing. New technologies have made the context more relevant, highlighting how important it is to present timely content, at the right time and to the right customer.

In this way, the scope of online marketing strategies is maximized, reaching customers with similar tastes for the main communication channels they usually use. And, of course, providing the required information at the most key moment.


Augmented and virtual reality in E-Commerce

The inclusion of augmented and virtual reality in electronic commerce has begun to offer interesting alternatives. And is that these technologies allow, among other things, previsualize (through applications) products before the final purchase. In addition, virtual environments where you have the possibility to interact and make payments, are also an interesting option for eCommerce.

The purpose of this digital marketing trend is to address the constant changes in users’ consumption patterns, by applying new technologies that allow them to adapt more precisely to their needs and tastes.


digital marketing


As you can see, the year 2019 will bring a series of incredible changes in digital marketing. Are you ready for what is coming ?!

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